There aren’t a lot of advancements made in the world of speakers

Yes, they become more powerful and smaller, but the core design of a speaker hasn’t changed all that much in recent years.

However, one exception to that comes from bone conduction technology, which is designed to use vibrations on hollow surfaces to create sound. A cool new speaker called Humbird promises to be the smallest bone conduction speaker on the market, and we have to say, it sounds quite promising.
What Makes Humbird Special?
One thing that really makes Humbird stand out from the crowd is how small it is. It weighs in at just 35g and is only 1.57-inches in diameter. The creators claim it’s the smallest speaker of this type on the market right now, which is quite impressive.

The speaker uses Bluetooth to connect to just about any device, and if you have two Humbirds, you can sync them up for wireless stereo sound.

The creators promise that setting their speaker on different surfaces will create different types of sounds, so if you’re looking for something with some extra bass or cleaner highs, you can probably find a place to put Humbird to get the sound you’re after.

Some examples cited on the products Kickstarter page include a wooden desk for heavy voice and volume that doesn’t get too loud, a drum for thumping bass, an empty cardboard box for loud sound, and so on. Basically, as long as the surface upon which you set the speaker isn’t too thick, you’ll be able to get some kind of sound out of it. You’ll need to experiment to see what surfaces work well for you.

Obviously, one of the key things to know about a speaker like this is how loud it’ll go. According to the creators, you can actually reach volumes of up 115db, though it’ll depend on the surface.
When Is the Humbird Available?
Duramobi, the company behind Humbird, is currently seeking funding for its device on Kickstarter. It’s already exceeded its goal, so the device should find its way to market. If you’re interested in pre-ordering one, you can do so for HK$186 ($24 USD). If you want to get a pair of speakers to take advantage of the stereo functionality, you can snag a pair for HK$312 ($40 USD).

The company plans to ship the first batch of speakers to backers in August 2019, but as is always the case with crowdfunding campaigns, there are risks involved and there’s no guarantee that things come to fruition.

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